Monday, 24 March 2008

Building and Trees

I was looking at all the pictures I could put on this blog, and I'm shocked at how many there are -_-; I'm going to be very, veeery busy. Hahaha. We're going to skip around a lot, chronologically. Because I have a bunch of pictures to post, and there's lots of stories to go with them.

But anyway! This is the building I work at. I'll put in some captions as I see fit. Basically, the building is big and ugly, but the plant life around the building is beautiful :) These pictures were taken in October, so our autumn season in Oregon (for you awesome Australians with the reverse seasons :P).

That last picture is right by our cafeteria. I like this tree :) Right now, since it's spring, the trees are starting to blossom with pink and white little flowers. I'll take some pictures in a couple weeks, when the trees are all in bloom. That's my favorite.

I'm going to post a few pictures of my house at Christmas time xD Just because... I can? Haha. That's the next post.

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