Monday, 24 March 2008

Christmas House

So... I can't remember how much time we put into decorating the outside of our house, but I know that it took me... I think 2 or 3 hours to do just the porch railing. My brother was supposed to help, and he did a little bit, but he retreated to the safety of the heated house after a little bit (it was about 1 degree Celsius when we were putting up the lights on the house. hahaha). It gets really cold here during winter. It doesn't usually snow, it just gets cold xD Bingna, my Chinese sister of whom I shall post some pictures soon, helped me with the porch.

Yeah, so Bingna and I did the porch, and my dad did the yard and the roof. Which is probably ten times harder than the porch.

Our house from the corner of the street:

This is our front door:

And finally, the view looking out from the front door. Ignore the wires :D Hahaha.

We like lights, what can I say? Haha. It actually snowed on Christmas day. I have to re-size those pictures, and I'll post them when that gets done. For now, I need to get going to bed. Gotta go to work in the morning.

Well, I hope this blog goes over well! I look forward to posting stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh I miss that house!! I remember when I almost slipped over on the ramp when everything froze over.

Wow, you went extreme this year!! :P


Anonymous said...

Oh noooo!!!Melissa will want a trillion lights. Our effort is sooo lame!!!